Sunday, March 27, 2011

Treatment Review: Recouleur

Before you read, be sure to remember that this remedy is not a guaranteed cure, because Vitiligo is currently incurable. And while this product has a history of positive results, even the website says that "because people are different, this may not happen for everyone". [1]

For my entry this week, I've decided to review a Vitiligo treatment I've used for some time now. It is a dietary supplement that contains "a patented formula of vitamins and minerals helpful for vitiligo" and sells for $89.95 on [1] 

(I took these photos myself and photoshopped them together)

Why this treatment?
My parents and I originally bought this on a whim, as the result of several good reviews and a period of frantic searching for makeshift cures. The impulsive buy turned out for the better though, since this stuff definitely worked for me. After several months of taking one pill a day, I noticed that spots were disappearing. I was literally able to watch, day by day, as pigment appeared in the center of certain spots and gradually spread to the outer borders. Now obviously not all my spots filled in completely, but a lot of the little ones began to fill back in, and that alone was a huge morale booster.

What is it?
Recouleur is a multivitamin that contains "Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, and Copper", a concoction that is patented to aid patients with Vitiligo. [1] It is taken in pill form, once or twice a day depending on how strong of a dose you want, and after a few months time results should begin to show themselves.


  1. Very easy to use, simple maintenance.
  2. When it works, it really works.
  3. Helpful site, lots of support, it is a reliable treatment from a reliable source.
  4. You can choose your dosage, (within reason), if you want to take two in order to up the effects, you can.
  5. No known side-effects.


  1. While it works well, it is an expensive investment at $89.95 a bottle.
  2. It does not work for everyone, which in reality is kind of a given with diseases where there is no real cure, everybody sees different results.
  3. If you stop, you can potentially lose the progress you've made.

Before we go on, it should be known that I have a bias since I use this product, but I've done my best to keep the review straightforward so far. This being said, I will say that I believe everyone with Vitiligo or a similar pigment condition should give this product a try. Buy a bottle or two and use them until they are empty, depending on the results you get, you can gauge whether or not you'd like to proceed with this product. The only overwhelming con to this product is that it doesn't work for everyone, but the only way you're going to figure that out is if you try it. While a $90 price tag is a bit steep, it is well worth paying at least once because who knows, it may be your miracle cure.

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[1] Supernatural Health 2011. Date of access: 3/27/2011


  1. That's great that you were able to get pigment back in some of your skin. I bet this post will help others see that maybe they can try this pill, too!
    Great post!

  2. I'm usually leery when it comes to medications because whatever you take in tends to affect you to an extent in the long-term. This includes foods as well - particularly if they are full of fats and sugars. Some of the health problems people often face today are due to poor diet.

    Do you eat a certain diet or regimen to manage vitiligo? I know that the vitiligo diet isn't a cure-all either, but I think it's a healthier alternative than man-made medications. Here are a few links I found about vitiligo diet:

  3. I actually don't, but thank you for bringing my attention to this. I think due to your comment, I'm going to make one of my research reports on the vitiligo diet, because now I'm interested in giving it a try. Thanks!

  4. Hey Griffn,

    I just ordered some these vitamins thanks to your blog. Can you please give me an update?

  5. Why Can't I find anywhere to buy this product and why is their main website shut down?

  6. Recouleur Vitamins for vitiligo are available at

  7. if it's 3 vitamins otc while not just buy them? folic , vitamin c and b12 is cheaper than $100-mth!

  8. if it's 3 vitamins otc while not just buy them? folic , vitamin c and b12 is cheaper than $100-mth!